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Saturday, November 13, 2004



I HEAR you! You know I do. And I think you pegged it; the lesson is about both God's faithfulness AND your pride. During this time in our lives, I am marvelling at how many people God moved to give to us. Our own son, newly married and his wife paid our rent for the month of September. They have so many needs, but God told them to pay our rent. So, they did. It was a lesson for them, and for us. His provision. Our pride.

That's when I put that donation button up on my blog (which will come down soon). And someone I never knew sent us money. She and I became friends. My brother and his wife, who just had their first baby sent us money during a time when it seemed like we were going to go under, last week! I look back over the past couple of months and I marvel at how God has supplied our needs.

So do this, do NOT give into depression. DO NOT despair. Lookup passages about provision, and about blessing. Find the verse about "whatever has been stolen will be returned back to you multiplied." Find those Scriptures that speak to your situation, and speak them out loud and call on the blessings that are yours as a child of the King. It is both scary and wonderful at the same time.

Keep in mind, too, that you're not alone. I am praying and so are others whom God has moved to do so.

Oh, and after I just read all this to my husband, he suggested that you set up a button on your blog that your readers can donate money to help you out right now.


You read this to Hubby? Ulp! Does that mean I can say that I have 2 readers, now? LOL (Hi, hubby!)

First, thanks for your prayers, and the encouragement, as well as the reminders/ideas on how to stand through this.

About the donate button.... I'm taking it under advisement... thanks for the idea. I guess if nothing else, it would let me know if anyone's reading this, right?

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